Find an Authentic African Restaurant in Killeen, TX

Visit Oreofe African Restaurant & Lounge

There aren't many African restaurants in the Killeen, TX area, let alone one that's also a market and lounge. But luckily, you've found Oreofe African Restaurant & Lounge. We prepare traditional African food using family recipes and the finest ingredients, so you know anything you order will taste amazing. We also have a world-class lounge where you can listen to music, dance with your friends and smoke hookah. And once you're all done, you can swing by our market and grab a few items to go.

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Follow the aroma of African spices

You'll know you've found our authentic African food in Killeen, TX when you smell chili peppers, which are traditionally used to season dishes like...

  • Efo Riro (Spinach)
  • Egusi (Melon Seed)
  • Ila Asepo (Okra)
Our servers are familiar with everything we serve, so ask your server what's cooking when you arrive. Get started with an appetizer and one of our specialty drinks.