Vibe to Afro Beats at Our Lounge in Killeen, TX

You won't have to pay a cover fee to enter and hear live African music

During the week, Oreofe African Restaurant/Beer & Wine serves up tasty dishes from our homeland. But on Friday and Saturday night, our dining room transforms into a nightlife destination in Killeen, TX. A skilled DJ keeps the party going from 8:30 p.m. to midnight with a seemingly never-ending playlist of African music.

Visit our lounge this weekend to have a good time.

Coming hungry?

Ask us for an appetizer menu. We serve authentic African food prepared by skilled chefs, so you know anything you order will taste delicious.

You may work up a sweat dancing to African music, so you'll want to quench your thirst with...

A glass of wine
Your favorite domestic beer
Your choice of alcoholic beverages imported from Africa

You can view our selection of appetizers and drinks on this page. Otherwise, ask your server for a menu when you visit our lounge in Killeen, TX.