Searching for Rewarding Work in Killeen, TX?

Apply for a cook job at Oreofe African Restaurant/Beer & Wine

Oreofe African Restaurant is growing, which means we need more help in the kitchen. Good news if you're searching for cook jobs in Killeen, TX: We're hiring!

In addition to being a ServSafe-certified food handler, the ideal cook is...

Receptive to instruction and feedback
Excited to join our family
Willing to stick around

If you think you're a good fit, contact us to apply for a cook job.

Now hiring servers and cashiers

Honest. Patient. Proactive. These are just a few qualities that would make you a successful server or cashier at Oreofe African Restaurant/Beer & Wine.

Before you apply for a cashier or restaurant server job, please be aware that we're seeking applicants who...

Have relevant experience
Can lift items that weigh at least 15 lbs.
Will become familiar with our menu to answer questions for patrons

Prospective servers must be at least 21 years old and be ServSafe-certified.

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You likely won't be the only person applying for cook, cashier or restaurant server jobs, so consider why you stand out from other applicants in the Killeen, TX area. Use the form on this page to tell us why you're the ideal candidate for the position.