One of the best African restaurants in the Central Texas area. Every dish that I've had so far has been remarkable. The flavors are perfectly blended to set your mind to the culture. The friendly customer service has brought me back time and again and I have not been disappointed yet.

Arthur J.

The best customer service ever I have seen. Very courteous. The food is so great. I love the pounded yam and vegetable soup. Very clean and neat environment to eat and drink. Certainly will come again. 100% impeccably services.

Sylvia I.

Good,satisfying food. Warm,clean and conducive environment. Hospitable and friendly staffs. It's a whole new experience. A try will definitely convince you...

Bonunrin P.

This place is my first experience with African food and can I say THE BEST!!!!! The fufu, Efo, and Egusi are my favorite with fish!!!!!! I am definitely going to be a repeat cyst for as long as I am I'm Killeen!!

Jasmine C.

If you're African and craving some good home cook meal this is it. I'm Senegalese, Ivorian and Puerto Rican and this food be hitting hitting goooood

Lee M.

I'm Nigerian and it's been a long time since I've had some confam jollof ati dodo and I was looking places to eat and I found this joint right here I promise their food is bussin go grab u sum to eat from this spot u will not regret it


As soon as I walked in, I loved the environment!! Great music. Great seating options. Experienced patience from staff when trying to order off the menu. There's typically a lunch and dinner rush so I've gotten accustomed to calling ahead and placing my order. I never feel rushed to leave when dining in. My favorites off the menu would be jollof rice, any stew with goat meat, plantain, egusi and Efo. Try those when u come in! Especially the goat meat.

Eniitan C.